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SSS-PC's demonstrations are provided.

Some inline images in the following have links to larger images. Please click on the images, or follow the links, to get the larger images.

Task migration

Please view the slide show (in japanese). When multiple instances of parallel tasks are executed simultaneously on SSS-PC, tasks may migrate between machines. Even if some of the machines were rebooted during applications lifecyles, applicatoins continue their execution by migrating to active machine.

Concurrent execution of Parallel POV-Ray

The project team made a parallelized version of POV-Ray for SSS-PC. Two instances of parallel POV-Ray are running in this image.

[picture of two parallel tasks (723KB)]

This is the console image of dispalying node. Upper right is a parallel POV-RAY calculating landscape.pov running on 16 PCs. Upper left is a parallel POV-RAY calculating benchmark.pov running on 8 PCs. With displaying node, 17 PCs are cooperating in total. SSS-PC can run multiple parallel applications concurrently.

Multitasking Execution of Parallel Applications

The following picture shows concurrent execution of two parallel applications.

[picture of multitask execution (79KB)]

The upper right application is movies on flying cubes. Two cubes are flying around in 3D space with each surface displaying one movie. One displaying node and six computing nodes cooperate with each other. Each of computing nodes is assigned for two opposite surfaces to perform replay and perspective transformation.
The upper left application is ray tracing. One displaying node and eight computing nodes work together to calculate 3D graphics. Each of computing nodes is cyclically assigned for four pixels to trace incoming ray backward.
As shown above, SSS-PC is able to execute multiple applications of various parallelism simultaneously in a multitasking environment with time sharing.

The replaying part of this program is based on xanim (Rev., written by Mr. Mark Podlipec.
Copyrights of the animated movies belong to Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co., Ltd and SUNRISE Inc. The movies of cheerleaders are used by courtesy of HONEY BEE.

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