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The papers on SSS-PC are available both in the PostScript format and in the PDF format. They are classified according to their contents and arranged from new to old.
Unfortunately, most of them are written only in Japanese, and explicitly indicated so. The rest are written in English.
Some abstracts are also available in the plain text format.

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The copyright and all other rights of the documents distributed here are maintained by the authors and the groups to which the rights are transferred. All persons who make use of these documents must follow the copyright law and the constraints noticed by the copyright holders.
These document must not be redistributed without the prior permission of the copyright holders. It is required for redistributors to specify the sources of the documents.

Table of Contents

General Ideas of SSS-PC

MBCF (Memory-Based Communication Facilities)

Scheduling Strategy

FMM (Free Market Mechanism) scheme

The work of the newly adopted scheduling strategy `Free Market Mechanism scheme' is supported by the Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST).

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